When Alicia Mitchell, a curve structure, obtained criticism for dressing up in an Aaliyah costume, she obtained the Internet’s curiosity by sharing messages of method positivity.

Mitchell dressed up as the  in 2017, nailing the glimpse in a sparkly choker, bra and waistband with an accompanying leather-based-primarily based jacket. In Oct, the New Jersey resident posted a screenshot of a male on Fb who wrote, “I will have to have her to not do that but all over again.”

“So I’m the Massive Lady That completely every person is Placing up about !” she described in response in a tweet that obtained further than 20,900 likes and 3,900 retweets. “If I was a dimension two No a person certain would have an issue….”


“I’m the Massive Lady / Excessive extra fat Lady Which is attaining reposted in this photograph,” she ongoing in a tweet that raked in 159,000 likes and 30,600 retweets. “I was Shelling out out Homage to Queen Aaliyah. I adore her glimpse and I have normally been a admirer of her ! Girls seem in all variations and measurements No will have to have to Excessive extra fat Shame ME … surely I’m Massive but I get the work completed with what I obtained.”

“I went on to Fb and noticed that anyone professional tagged me to a publish that a gentleman professional developed about me in a harmful gentle-excess weight, and I was like, ‘Wait a second, I in no way know this male,’” Mitchell mentioned to BuzzFeed News. “I appeared by signifies of the testimonials, and it was chaos from there.”

“I professional adult males and women of all ages in my inbox generating judgments on my visible attraction, making contact with me a further extra fat bitch, expressing factors like I truly ought to have been on a treadmill for Halloween, all variations of factors,” she described. “I was so perplexed considering that these adult males and women of all ages in no way know me from a can of paint.”

 She identified to use the hurtful prompt as an prospect to encourage method positivity. “My component is, you have to be delighted with who you are, and I created a assertion of expressing, each individual human being has flaws with their method and each individual human being has a tiny some thing that they want to change, but why expend all your existence trying to offer with a tiny some thing and go up out on the truth of the matter this you only get a person certain existence and you have to continue to be for these days?” she mentioned. “If you want to lower a very small bodyweight, then certainly get the work completed on that method although you are residing, but in no way give up residing.”

Her notion even arrived at the male who professional critiqued her. “He was in my inbox trying to reveal himself. He experimented with working with to apologize, experimented with working with to cleanse it up, he experimented with working with to say it was not his intention,” she described.

Various supported her as completely. “When I noticed the way adult males and women of all ages on Twitter began off standing up for me, I was blown absent. Wanting at all the adore on Twitter allow for me know that I can certainly deal with this,” she described. “I was inspiring moreover-sized gals, scaled-down gals, grownup adult males as completely.”